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normal for successful people
​data analysis

Mr. Liver who has no strength and is sluggish

Use data analysis to identify strengths and weaknesses

​ Support so that you can live with live distribution rewards

broad support

Long-term data storage

Pococha's data can be stored for up to 180 days, but Raisapo-kun has an unlimited amount of data and can be stored for a long time, so you can review your growth at any time.

User study session

​ A study session supervised by top drivers will be held online so that you can participate from all over the country. You can learn how to increase followers and how to support items.


We will help you improve your name recognition by expanding the range of liver activities such as Raisapo-kun's own corporate tie-up event and appointment as a PR ambassador for the shop.

online secretary

We will take care of the clerical work that is indispensable for liver activities, such as recording core fans, distributing core fan benefits, and sorting receipts.

​Voice of the introduced river

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